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Salesforce CRM Training

Training is the most effective thing you can do to maximise your investment in Salesforce CRM; it will get your team up to speed on Salesforce, increase adoption rates and give you a fast ROI.

PrimaLink offers customised Salesforce training specifically designed for your organisation, business methodology and processes. With our training, you ensure that end users are well-trained and confident, boosting productivity.

Our Salesforce training can be targeted to your whole team, from sales and support staff to marketing and executives, increasing effectiveness and helping each user to automate and improve their daily tasks.

Your team will benefit from:

  • Focused training specific to your business needs
  • Training on your own Salesforce CRM system
  • Training on setting up, configuring, and maintaining Salesforce
  • Refresher training

PrimaLink training helps you get the most out of your Salesforce CRM system. Training typically covers all aspects of Salesforce, from account and contact management, website lead capture and lead management to data validation, integration options and integration management, for all levels of user depending on their needs.

PrimaLink are specialists in Salesforce implementation and training; we are able to offer remote or phone-based training as well as on site and one to one training, based on your own requirements.

Please contact us for more information on our Salesforce CRM Training.