Is your Salesforce CRM customised to give you the leading edge? PrimaLink's customisation solutions will provide you with a personalized user experience.

  • Create customised forms with custom fields.
  • Use our specially-developed quoting solution and make your opportunity screen "accounting friendly" by seamlessly importing your Salesforce data into Sage, TAS Books, or QuickBooks.
  • Develop executive dashboards that are tailored to your businesses needs. The right dashboards will ensure that you are recruiting and keeping strong salespeople, allow you to perfect your sales strategies, develop innovative ways to push leads through the pipeline, and notice customer warning signs before they develop into problems.
  • Customise your reports so that you have 100% income visibility.
  • Manage workflow and create rules so that every step is monitored and fully executed before your sales team moves on to the next step.
  • Monitor opportunities. Don't let opportunities drop off the pipeline! Immediately detect opportunities that aren't changing over time so that you can turn them into sales.
  • Increase user adoption and decrease training time by creating user-friendly interfaces, complete with the fields that your employees are already comfortable using.
  • Automatically place data into templates and create powerful proposals at a moment's notice.