About Us
Our Team

Ali Moiyed
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Hello. My name is Ali Moiyed. I set up PrimaLink in 2004. A straight-A student, with three business/IT degrees, to me, business is far from an academic exercise. In fact there's nothing I like more than rolling up my sleeves and getting 'hands on'. Whether I'm meeting you to discuss a new installation, dealing with integration issues or working on a customised Salesforce development your CRM success is both a personal passion and my professional mission.

Chris Smith
Head of Professional Services
Hello. My name's Chris Smith. As Head of Professional Services at PrimaLink I oversee the whole project cycle. Everything from an initial consultation or basic requirements analysis, all the way through to development, installation, configuration and after sales service. It's my responsibility to make sure that you get the very best service and the very best product for your business.

Shabs Moiyed
Head of Development
Hello. I'm Shabs Moiyed. After graduating as a Software developer from University of Wollongong in Australia I joined PrimaLink as a project manager in early 2005. Now Head of Development I run a development team of 50. It's my job to communicate system specification to the team and to make sure that we develop and deliver the Salesforce system you need.

Roy Moore
Senior Systems Analyst
Hello – My name's Roy Moore. As PrimaLink's Senior Business Analyst I have three important roles. Firstly I establish a crystal clear understanding of how your business works. I help define your business objectives and then identify how PrimaLink can help you meet them. Equipped with this insight we then go about specifying and deploying the most effective CRM solution for your business.

Dan Fletcher
Technical Consultant
Hello. My name's Dan Fletcher. I earned my CRM stripes working on one of the world's largest and most successful Salesforce installations over at Fujitsu. I'm now using that knowledge and experience working alongside Hazel Ingram here at PrimaLink. It's our job to make sure that your Salesforce CRM is set up and integrated properly. Also, that your staff are equipped to get the very most out of your system.

Jan Graham
Marketing and PR
Hello. My name is Jan Graham and I look after the Marketing and Public Relations for Primalink. Marketing and PR is a way of life for me, and I like nothing better than devising creative campaigns to promote our company’s products and services.

Development Team
Hi. We're PrimaLink's development team. 50 in total, we report to Shabs Moiyed. Qualified and certified, we're all Salesforce experts. Our role? Function and form - we work on the technical aspects of your Salesforce system - the features you need, the way you want them.