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Seeing is Believing

Business Intelligence

No more guessing, get accurate, visually stunning reports with ease.

The main function of our software is to simplify reporting to give your business that extra kick. With this Software you can produce clear, rich and beautiful data visualisations that will allow you to manage vast amounts of data in seconds. Business intelligence doesn’t need to be a problematic and strenuous task. You can now make quick and correct decisions with the ability to recognise issues and trends earlier. When looking for solutions it’s important to be able to utilise data reports efficiently and effectively. With our Software you can.
  • Learn to use in seconds
  • Create stunning visual reports
  • Consolidate your data
  • Discover data quickly and easily
  • Work with database and Spreadsheets of any size
  • Handle live data connection for latest changes
  • Centralise multiple data sources
  • Use easy, drag and drop tools
  • Manage interactive reporting dashboards
  • Share amongst your internal and external users on the web
  • Pull information from multiple data sources into a single Dashboard
  • Instant query response on hundreds of millions of rows of data on commodity hardware

What else does our software offer?

Traditional analysis tools present data into tedious rows and columns. This means manually selecting sections of data to organise into tables and then into a chart. Using our software you can develop a clear visualisation straight away. This of course means working unbelievably faster with greater understanding.

Our data model has the power and flexibility to meet these functions. Using unique in-memory solutions we operate with the data directly as it’s represented in the database on disc with no database modelling and no scripting necessary. Once your data is loaded into the data engine it has a fast start up time as it sections data into category and searches through the categories with relevance to your question. The data model is also designed to:

  • Instant query response on hundreds of millions of rows of data on commodity hardware
  • Support true ad hoc query by having predictable and consistent query performance for all queries
  • Integrate seamlessly with existing corporate data warehouses and infrastructure
  • Not be limited by a requirement for an entire data set to be loaded into memory resident to achieve its performance goals
  • Provide quick load and connections to a variety of data sources
  • Integrate with your back office systems or CRM systems to pull any information

Seeing is believing – contact us now to arrange a demo.